Vet Cookbook

I love this book project run by veterinarians around Australia that raises funds to support depression in the workplace. Vets face daily stress with compassion fatigue, burnout, and even suicide.

Why not buy your vet a coffee next time you’re buying a caffeine fix. If you don’t get this chance, then the next best thing to do is get a copy of Vet Cookbook.

In this book vets from around Australia have submitted their favourite feel-good recipes. Over 100 yummy ideas have been put together for cooks of all levels. This book is full of happiness and great food ideas.

Professionals in every field of animal well-being have contributed. From vets, groomers to students, contributions have been streaming in with culinary passion.

So if you just wish to support a good cause or want to get some fantastic recipes, you can click here to order your copy of Vet Cookbook.

Proceeds are given to mental health resources for those in the veterinary profession.

I have had the great pleasure of taking the photo in this blog post for the book. However not only that, I have also photographed each of their dogs for various books I have published over the years.

Vet Cookbook