Deborah Karen Rametta

Dog Photography Sydney

My initial concern was wether or not it was a legitimate project. I did a little research and was pleased that it confirmed that some money was being donated to a worthy animal cause.

It was as discussed on the phone, straight forward, and a memorable experience. He was punctual and professional without any pretence or hidden agendas.

The photographer was a genuine dog fan, that he captured the real aspects of my dog’s territory, and as a result it would be like a time capsule of our lives. It wasn’t a propped set-up, it was real, true to life and fun to be a part of this project.

Adam & Linda Whyte

Dog Photography Sydney

Although the cost of the product at the end of the process was a concern. I received absolutely fantastic photos with our beautiful Ruby who normally isn’t too fond of having her photo taken.

The photos are way beyond how we thought they would turn out and are a wonderful way to remember moving into our new neighbourhood with our much loved and cherished nearly ten year old German Shepherd.

Barbara Gobel

Dog Photography Sydney

Worth every cent. Our beautiful boy has now gone to heaven and those lovely photos are just so precious.

I did appreciate the photos taken at my home.

Anne Fawcett

Dog Photography Sydney

There are a lot of pet photographers around, and many want to charge a high rate for a studio shot which is not particularly exciting. The nice thing about a good photographer is that you want a perspective different from yours.

Pierre is a brilliant photographer and artist. He took photos that really captured Phil’s personality and he was incredibly patient. He knows how to wait for the right moment, he get’s down to the dog’s level (when the dog in question is 2kg and stands about 15cm high that’s quite a feat) and his images are stunning. The idea of photographing dogs on their walk is just a great way of making dogs and their parents feel at ease. I really enjoyed the shoot, but the photos were just beautiful.

Pierre is a real dog person. He understands the human-animal bond, he has an amazing eye and a great sense of humour. The way he portrays dogs is compassionate and also funny. He’s also creative so will have ideas throughout the shoot and make suggestions. Phil doesn’t run a lot, but Pierre set up some running shots and these were brilliant.