I can now confirm that the Sydney City Dogs book will be launched on the Sunday 22nd between 11am and 12.30pm. It is always an exciting time to get each book out. The Sydney City dogs book will have 100 dogs included in the book with as many delightful stories about each dog and how they enjoy spending time in Sydney.

The location for the collection of the books will be at the park right next to our studio in Balmain called Ann Cashman Reserve. In case of rain the book collections will take place inside the studio at 143a Beattie Street, Balmain. I will email everyone if we do need to set up in the studio.

At the book collection it would be wonderful of we could get a photo with you and your dog getting your copy of the book. So please come prepared to be in a photo. The photos will be posted to our Facebook page later for everyone to view and share.

We are still photographing dogs in the Eastern Suburbs, so please send any friend who has a dog to our website so they too can participate in this project. Registration for to participate can be found on the Dogs Wanted link.