Scottish Terrier 

Snoop DogScottish Terrier x (Black)

Snoop is a character to everyone he meets. True to breed, he is stubborn and loyal beyond his years. Snoop is a regular at White Creek Park, Annandale. His gentle nature and individuality make him loved by all who he meets. His beautiful eyes and ability to ‘say please’ makes hearts melt and treats are rarely knocked back. When not at the park or schmoozing customers at work (recording studio) Snoop enjoys watching cats on youtube. In fact he is very excited by and enjoys watching all animals on TV . Snoop is calmed down instantly by ‘meditation for dogs’ music (also on you tube) . His favourite toy is a high speed remote control race car that he will chase at top speed until the batteries run out. (Electronic rat in his mind).


Dizzee RascalScottish Terrier (white) 

Dizzee is the younger ‘brother’ of Snoop and the polar opposite. He is unique with his fresh modern scottie look. However his left ear never popped up. So he is a scottie with a floppy ear. He is known to embrace his inner punk and sport a Mohawk. He has mischievously gotten into pink dye and coloured his tips.

At 1 year of age is a friend to all. With high energy levels and a love for life he wants to be everyone’s best mate. Though a ‘big brother at heart’, is not afraid to chase off the baddies if a puppy friend is in trouble.

Dizzee enjoys wrestling anyone who is keen. He is excelling at dog school. However spends his time hunting anything that moves and is currently working on a excavation project in the backyard. Thus, Dizzee is great with a ball, has his own flip the frisbee game that keeps him entertained for hours. Dizzee is a sweetheart.


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