How to keep your dog warm this winter.

Dogs have made their way into our hearts and onto our beds to get all the comforts we enjoy at home. However, they can still feel the cold throughout winter. So I have researched some tips for keeping them warm.

Dogs that feel the cold.

  • Smaller dogs feel the cold more than larger dogs.
  • Old and young puppies feel the cold more as well.
  • Dogs with arthritis or with health problems
  • Wet dogs.
  • Dogs without proper shelter from rain and the wind.

What to do to keep your dog warm.

  • Have comfortable bedding with plenty of warm blankets off the ground.
  • Bring them inside in a warm room.
  • Dress them in a coat or jumper.
  • Heated mat, especially if your dog has arthritis.

More information about keeping your dog warm in winter can be found here.

Keep your dog warm