Another amazing year has just passed with over 200 dogs photographed and 2 books published.

2017 will be full of new adventures. First of all completing our 6th book called Parramatta River Dogs in March 2017. So you do need to hurry up and register if you wish to be part of the next book.

A big happy new year to all of the dogs who most likely hate new years eve with all the fireworks. Just tell them, it’s only one night. Perhaps a juicy bone to chew on will make the evening feel a little better.

There are some exciting new ideas that will be announced throughout 2017. Late 2017 there will be a new book project that I am very much looking forwards to starting. This book is going to be a slightly different twist on the current theme.

My Dog’s Territory wishes everyone and their dogs a Happy New Year.

Tonight I am heading down to Balmain for the fireworks.

Happy New Year