FAQ about buying the dog book and photos.

I hope to answer some of the most asked questions about buying the dog book and photos. If your question has not been answered then send us an email to mydogsterritory

Q: What does the $55 participation fee cover?
A: The $55 helps us raise the $1,500 that we will donate to the Animal Welfare League and covers the costs involved in doing the photo sessions.

Q: Is my dogs guaranteed to be part of the book?
A: We give a 100% money back guarantee that your dog will be published in our dog book as long as you order a copy. Your dog may still be published even if you do not buy the book, however, there will not be a guarantee.

Q: How much will the book cost?
A: The book will cost $205. Should you purchase any images from your photo session, the book is discounted to $145.

Q: How much do the images cost?
A: The minimum spend should you choose to buy printed photos is $225. For this price, you receive one 20x30cm photo in a 28x40cm matt. Each image that is purchased comes with the soft copy of the same photo ordered. Folio packages offer discounts of photos down to $80 per image including the soft copy of the same image. Some of our most popular packages start at $935

Q: Can I just purchase a soft copy of the photos?
A: Soft copies are always included with every print ordered. We do not have a soft copy only packages available. We believe an image only exists once printed.

Q: Are there any additional costs after registering my dog?
A: You do not need to spend another dollar after registering your dog. However, the $55 registration fee does not include a copy of the book nor printed photos from the shoot. Should you take the time to register and prepare your dog to be it is worth considering buying a copy of the book or buying photos.

Q: How do I register my dog to be part of this amazing project?
A: To be part of this amazing project you just need to click on our registration page here.

Q: How can I get a copy of the book?
A: The books are a community based project about dogs in very specific areas and they will only be sold through our website. The books are only available as pre-orders. Order forms will be emailed to all the registered entrants and our own data base at the end of photographing the area your dog is included in. Once the print production has started no additional books from this area will be printed. Order forms will be emailed around April 2017 when we expect to finish the photo shoots for this edition of the book

Q. Is there a limit to the number of registrations that will be covered?
A. A maximum quota of 120 photo shoots can be taken for this project

Q, What is the process and cost I can expect to be a part of this series?
Below is an approximate schedule and costs you can expect:
-Registrations are taken online and a fee of $55 is paid per photo shoot session.
-Photo shoot sessions will be scheduled between now and April 2018. We may shorten or extend timing depending on the quota of shoots being met. These will be organised by registration and location.
-Pre-orders for the book are expected to be emailed to all registered entries and our database about May 2018.

-Pre-ordering your book guarantees that your dog will appear in the book and comes with a 
100% refund should your dog not be in the book.
-Once the orders are complete, the publication will begin and books are expected to be available by September 

Q. What will the book look like.

The book is a 30 x 30 cm hardcover coffee table book. It is book bound in Sydney and is made available once all the shoots in your area have been completed. In the sample below I have created a highlight from the past 5 books that we have already completed.

Your total costs, for example, will be:
1. Registration & photo shoot ($55) and 1 copy of the book ($205) = $260.
2. Registration & photo shoot ($55), 1 printed image ($225) and 1 copy of the book ($145 discounted price) = $425.

I hope that all of your questions have been answered about buying the dog book and photos. I look forward to seeing your registration and photographing your dog.

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