Would you like a free file from photo shoot?

Simply #mydogsterritory and @mydogsterritory on Instagram or Facebook or both, a picture of your dog(s) next to the Parramatta River dog book. Preferably with their page open. I will then choose a photo that you have not already chosen.

Please contact me if you have not received your book and had an email with your collection options.

Finally, did you receive our $250 voucher? Please use it for any new photo session. You are also welcome to give the voucher to a friend. They are not to be used to purchase images from a shoot that has been already done.

Call me on 0414 645 075 if you have any further question.

Don’t forget to tell your friends who might want to be part of the Inner West Dog book to register now by clicking here. They can still enter if they live out of the area but must come to the Inner West for the shoot.

Free file from photo shoot