Puppies for Sale

I was listening to Triple J’s hack this week and heard that in California that there has just been a victory for animal activists. Dogs are no longer able to be sold in pet stores from dogs from breeders. Only rescue dogs can are to be sold this way.
It is estimated that 1.5 million companion animals are euthanised every year across the USA. I don’t have the figures in Australia but am sure that the number would be high as well.

So is banning the sale of dogs from breeders a good thing or not?

The arguments from pet shops are that in Australia they are highly regulated. They have more control over where they receive their dogs than say, people, searching on Gumtree.

What confuses me is the regulation around breeding. If the dogs in pet stores are obtained via poorly run puppies farms, why are these farms permitted to exist? Isn’t the reproduction of puppies an issue with the breeders and not the stores.
I am a great believer in adopting a rescue dog. However many people will not choose to go down this path for a high number of reasons. Having a dog at home is one of our life’s greatest joys. Whether they are a rescue or purebred makes no difference in the long run.

We do seem to find ourselves living more and more in bubbles of belief as to what is right and wrong. Choosing a breed or a rescue isn’t essential. What is important is ensuring that there is no animal cruelty and ethical treatment with breeders. I do believe if society can be more accepting of dogs in more places and that the value they add to one’s health and happiness is more valued, animal welfare would be the most significant beneficiary.

Puppies for sale ethically can be difficult to manage but not impossible.
Another ethical topic that I won’t go into now is whether the dog breed is suitable for you.

Puppies for Sale