Just called all Annandale and Glebe registration and so far we have just on 30 pooches to photograph. An excellent start to a very dog loving part of Sydney. I have loved photographing in the beautiful parks such as Whites Creek Valley Park and Bicentennial Park. There have been a whole lot of interesting small park that have been beautifully cared for with amazing backdrops for photos with wall art and wetlands. Even a jail that can be found in Whites Creek Valley Park. When considering the location for your dog shoot consider something typical to the area that we’re covering in the book.For example if you like to have a coffee somewhere with your dog, why not head down to your favourite cafe. Perhaps Annandale Hotel is your location of choice. One feature that runs through both Glebe and Annandale is the aqueduct that is appearing in several of the shoots. Here is a beautiful shot of Alfie in Glebe.My dog's territory