Your dog’s photos for Christmas.

Receive up to 25% discount on our prices for any photo ordered from your dog shoot.

25% discount is offered to everyone who has already purchased from their session.

15% discount on all new orders.

We still have all the files from every dog photo session we have done. So if you have thought about that photo of your dog that you wished that you purchased at the shoot, then now is the right time to do so.

This discount is a limited time offer and you do need to email or call me before the 4th December to register your interest in reviewing the photos.

Emails can be made from our contact page.


Call Pierre on 0414 645 075 to discuss which photos you’d like to order.

Get the file of the same image you order. This is a great opportunity to get a T-Shirt, cushions or a mug printed as a gift.

Your dog's photos for Christmas