I feel a bit like I will be gate crashing a human portrait photography party tonight and get to answer a few questions about dog portrait photography.

Two special interviews will be held. Katie Kolenberg and Jeremy Byrnes from Heartstory will discuss fine art storybooks and presentation of their images. Karl and Bec Welsch will go over marketing and strategic alliances with business and the value of gift card and printed material.

However this event is sponsored by the book binders who create the My Dog’s Territory series. Moments has asked me to be a special guest speaker to talk about this journey I have embarked on over the last 18 months photographing dogs for a coffee table book. I’m sure that those who have a copy of the book are aware of the amazing quality of Momento’s coffee table books, which I believe are the best available anyone can find.

The AIPP (Australian Institute of Professional Photography) is running this even at the Momento premises in Chippendale. It is open to anyone interested and if you have a last minute desire to hear some of Australia’s best portrait photographers speak, then register quick as the event is on tonight. Registrations can be made by clicking here.

Although I will not be presenting tonight anything, I will be asked a few questions about dog portrait photography and the book series that I have been working on.