Order forms were sent out yesterday and within minutes orders came in. Many thanks to all those who are getting in early. For everyone wanting to have a copy of the book before Christmas, it will be important to place your order in before the 8th October.

It has been brought to our attention that the order forms are not coming up on some mobile devices. We will be fixing this issue as soon as possible. Alternatively we will set the forms up on the different site.

This book will be a 30 x 30cm hard cover with over 70 dogs from the Balmain area included. I’m sure your pooch will recognise many of their friends. Every session that was shot will cover two sides and have at least two photos from the shoot.

This book will be more like an art book than one found in retail. The price of $185 is above average for a book and we are well aware of this. There were many options on creating a book. Some options would have reduced the cost in half but the book would have looked quiet ordinary. Going for a higher end book with local production and small print will make this book stand out.

Anyone with questions about the book and would like more information can call me on 0414 645 075 or contact us via email. All feedback and comments are welcomed via email and we will try to get back to you within 24 hours. We will be continuing our dog photography in many other suburbs in Sydney and would love your suggestions as to where the most dog lovers live.

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