Dog book highlights

Dog book highlights

Dog book highlights Click here to register your dog.

Framing dog photos

Framing dog photos

Framing dog photos I do love to see how the dog photos are displayed in homes.…

Dog T-shirt

Dog T-shirt featuring Coco

Dog T-shirt with Coco at The Vic in Enmore. It was wonderful to catch up with…

Parramatta River dog

Parramatta River dog photo shoots closing soon

It is now less than two months to go before we close down the photo shoots for…

Paw Me Up

Paw Me Up event

Paw Me Up Ceo Kat An organised a hugely successful event at The Vic last Sunday…

Dog News

Local Dog News on Parramatta Pooches

Dog News Great article about Parramatta River dog shoot we're doing in the…

Animal Welfare Donation

Animal Welfare Donation

Animal welfare donation to the AWL at Kemps Creek. Over the last two and a half…

Puparazzi Pages

Puparazzi Pages in Parramatta Advertiser

Puparazzi Pages with one a very fashionable dog called Sydney. Sydney is a…

Chihuahua Dogs

Chihuahua Dogs become famous in local paper

Chihuahua Dogs to appear in tomorrow's newspaper "The Advertiser". Had a record…

Family photography with dog

Family photography with dog

School holidays start next week and it is a great time for some family…