Australian Shepherd Dexter and Lucy.

Thanks to Lucy and Dexter’s parents I have recieved a beautiful image of the framed photo I took. The photo shoot was held on the ground of Western Sydney University.


Her Instagram page @aussies_lucy_and_dexter. Lucy is the boss. She will never bring the ball back the whole way. Instead will want you to take those extra steps to get the ball from her. If you throw the ball into the water she will always swim out and get it but bringing it back is a different story. Though if you tell her to go get it she will… sometimes. Depends if someone she wants to impress is watching! 😉


His Instagram page @aussies_lucy_and_dexter. Dexter is the funniest and most affectionate boy. He adores his sister and followers her around. However doesn’t like to be apart from her at all. He is ball obsessed and has to be in your face at all times!

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Australian Shepherd