With only 2 more days to go in Europe, my holidays are almost done. Just hoping that there won’t be a typhoon in Hong Kong on my way back.

In previous years I have taken 1000s of photos during my trips to Europe when visiting family and friends. However this year I have perhaps taken one photo a week. In fact, this has been the first time I have had a full break from photography. So right now, I am feeling ready to get back behind the camera lens and start doing some more phodography.

Though I didn’t have any dogs around during my stay, I did manage to capture 1 feral cat and get her desexed, plus find homes for 3 of her kittens. All this without getting badly scratched or bitten.

Starting on the 1st of September I will be starting a new area for the next dog book. This book will be about the dogs of the Inner West. It should be a huge book, so register now to guarantee your spot. Click here to register.

August 2017 Newsletter


Picture above is a dog living in Hong Kong on a boat.