Dog photography Sydney

Creative dog photography Sydney by Pierre Mardaga

I love to capture dogs in their own territory doing all the things they love to do. Each dog is different in personality and have their own quirky traits. I come to your dog’s territory and capture artistic, creative portraits with the natural landscape as backdrop for the photography.
It is a privilege and joy to be a dog photographer. I get to meet so many dogs and have long chats about dog’s with the parents. As well as travelling all around Sydney I do get to know the best dog spots around.

I have spent most of my life as a photographer of the human species at PM Photo and started dog photography in May 2014. Although I am still more than happy to keep my human side of photography ticking along quietly, it has to be said that since my change over to dog photography in Sydney that my life is now so much more fun.

Dog Photography Sydney

Every year I photograph over 200 dogs and publish 2 books. Each book is about a specific area to showcase the life of dogs in their territory. Once I complete the area and have the book published, $1,500 is donated to the Animal Welfare League.